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Invitation to Another Kitesafari Adventure

We invite you to take advantage of our latest Kitesafari offer: GOLD CLASS – Luxury kitesafari on the Red Sea aboard the motor yacht MY TILLS

There is an option for a comprehensive package that includes additional days before and after Kitesafari.

During Kitesafari, there will be opportunities for kitesurfing courses and Pro Camp sessions. You can also enjoy snorkeling, swim with dolphins, and experience towed activities like banana boat or pontoon rides.

For beginners, FREE kitesurfing courses available during the trip.

Pro Camp is priced at 230 EUR per person – 2 hours daily in groups of 5-6 people.

Please see below for Covid-19 procedures:



Please see below for Covid-19 procedures:

From June 17, 2022, Tests and Vaccinations are not Required for Egypt

More information about Covid-19 can be found in the IMPORTANT INFORMATION at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Travelers are responsible for checking and fulfilling the requirements for crossing the border of the selected country, including having the necessary identification documents, visas, and complying with health regulations.



weather conditions


  • Tawilla
  • Ashrafi
  • Geisum - West
  • Geisum - Bay
  • Siyul Kebira
+ means rescue is available

Details of the trip

Yacht Stay – 7 DAYS

During our Kitesafari on a Gold-class boat, we will visit islands where the likelihood of wind is significantly higher than on the mainland. The sea is usually calm at this time of year, and winds ranging from 15-30 knots off the shore create excellent conditions for kite surfing enthusiasts.

We have been to many legendary and iconic kitesurfing locations worldwide, such as Brazil, Cuba, and Mauritius. However, a Kitesafari in the Red Sea is something special on an exceptional boat in unique locations.

Kitesafari is both fun and an unforgettable experience. Anchored near uninhabited islands, it provides practically unlimited opportunities for surfing in flat, shallow water throughout the day. After an active day, in the evening on deck, you can enjoy drinks under the beautiful starry sky with fellow participants, sharing impressions of the day. There is no better place for integration, relaxation, and making new acquaintances than a boat anchored away from civilization.


MY TILLIS is a 4.5-star standard boat – always stylish with a carefully selected crew at the highest level. It is the perfect choice for luxurious corporate trips in the Egyptian waters of the Red Sea if you don’t need accommodation at the highest level, such as in Premium boats like Sea Story. 4 decks, a restaurant, a spacious salon with a TV (perfect for discussing Pro Camps) and sound system, bar, two spacious terraces with comfortable sun loungers and poufs, 13 cabins with private bathrooms (including 4 with a double bed for couples – slightly larger cabins) Excellent food, a well-trained crew.


SATURDAY Check-in on the boat on Saturday, May 18 th. For most, the arrival in Egypt at Hurghada Airport is on Sunday, May 19 th, with a transfer to the Marina (about 30 minutes). Everyone should be on the boat by 3:30 PM; we set sail on the same day and head to the first spot. The option of arriving earlier and choosing a package trip (hotel + Kitesafari) is available.


We sail between islands and spots in the northern part of the Red Sea. In June, tourist traffic (read other boats) in this area is still low compared to September and October, and we can always look for a spot suitable for the group to feel like it’s just us and the surrounding nature. We often encounter dolphins on the route, and on windless days, we can snorkel with them. For those interested, there is also the possibility of diving, both intro (for people without certificates, about 20 minutes underwater with a certified diver) or regular dives with an instructor familiar with the area (for people with diving certification). But, of course, the most important will be our kitesurfing sessions at the selected spots and, if possible, downwinds between the islands. On Friday evening, time on the boat combined with watching photos and discussing Kitesafari experiences. Return to the marina.

SATURDAY 8:00 Breakfast. Check-out by 11:00. Departure or transfer to the hotel.

The sailing plan is indicative and subject to change.




Yacht My Tills

from 1080 EUR



For beginners, course included in the price of the trip.

Group course package 10 h/360 EUR per person, in a group of 2 people (Group course possible only if individuals are at a similar skill level and approximate weight)

Individual course 55 EUR/1h

Rescue – included in the price


Instructor – course under the supervision of a certified IKO instructor

Kitesurfing equipment



Have you plateaued? Are you returning to the same moves but want to progress? Do you want to learn a few tricks? We have a simple solution – Pro Camp course with some of the best instructors!!!!

Learn all freestyle hooked and unhooked tricks up to advanced handle-pass levels. All sessions include video analysis.

Group course with a maximum of 6 people

If you don’t have your own kitesurfing equipment, you can rent it from us!

We offer Nobile 2023/24 and Duotone 2023/24 equipment

We have practically every kite and board size, so we can tailor the equipment perfectly to your requirements and the conditions during Kitesafari.

Come back from vacation with a new trick!

Pro Camp – 230 EUR



  • Set: kite + board + harness – 325 EUR(1 week)
  • Board only –  110 EUR (1 week)

sports attractions


The salt seas have one more important advantage, namely, due to the higher salinity, it is much easier to stay afloat – and this makes perfect conditions for snorkeling. Thanks to the mask, snorkel and fins, we stay afloat and freely observe what is happening under the water.

During your stay in Kitesafari you will also be able to enjoy this attraction


After an active day on the water, you can take advantage of another attraction offered by the yacht crew during KITESAFARI, which is a massage:

Massage Prices:

  • 30-minute body massage: 25 Euros
  • 60-minute body massage: 35 Euros
  • 50-minute foot massage: 30 Euros

Important information


From 06.17.2022 tests and vaccinations are not required for Egypt.


The visa fees are USD 25 (single visa) or USD 35 (multiple visa). Tourist visas are issued for a period of 30 days. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the planned trip end date.

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Cairo 5 Aziz Osman, Zamalek, Egypt, Cairo, Telephone: +20 227 367 456 Fax: +20227355427 E-mail: www:


The official currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound – LE. (1 LE is divided into 100 piastres). 1 Egyptian pound is around 0.22 gr (August 2018). The most popular currency on the spot, apart from the pound mentioned, and at the same time giving the most favorable conversion rate, is the US dollar (USD). The currency should be exchanged in exchange offices, bank branches, it is not recommended to exchange money at street traders. You can exchange money at the airport. It is best to exchange money on an ongoing basis, as needed – if we do not spend all the pounds in most places, it is not possible to convert them back to another currency

General securityexpand+

General security

In short, we can say “It is better to let go of relatively safe resorts, cities and other attractions in the interior of the country.” The complicated political and economic situation made the Egyptian authorities tighten their security measures. The peace, health and life of tourists is guarded by armed soldiers, who can be seen in places attractive for tourists. Traveling tourists on the roads is accompanied by military convoys. Therefore, we advise against driving in Egypt with a rented car. Theft is the biggest problem in resorts, so in crowded places we should pay special attention to our luggage and wallets. Do not carry more money or credit cards with you – it is better to leave them in the hotel safe.

Information for drivers

Theoretically, the road traffic rules in Egypt are similar to those in force in Poland and throughout Europe, but they are not controlled. Also, a driving license is easier to get here than in Poland. Therefore, hardly any Egyptian motorist bothers with traffic regulations. For many of them, speed limits and traffic rules are completely foreign concepts, but they frequently use their horns.

Religion and customs

In Egypt, over 90% of the population is Muslim, Sunni. Foreigners should adhere to certain standards, especially when visiting religious sites. There are no special moral restrictions in Egypt, but it should be remembered that Muslim customs determine the life of an average Egyptian to a great extent, therefore it is particularly important to respect the way of life of its inhabitants and the values ​​professed by them during their stay in this country. goes to pay attention, among others on the outfit in which we show ourselves on the street. Therefore, it is not recommended – apart from tourist facilities – to wear short skirts, shorts and beachwear. It is also inappropriate for men to wear short pants. During contacts with local people, women should wear clothes that cover the arms and legs up to the knees. It should also be remembered that women without the company of men may be exposed to harassment from the local population. Men and women do not kiss in the street or show affection other than by holding hands. It is a matter of culture and religion, but it is also forbidden to do so because of the law in force. Homosexuality is illegal – sexual acts between men are punishable by long imprisonment. For each service, the Egyptian will count on a tip – the so-called bakshish. It is not allowed to photograph government facilities (e.g. military posts, residences of state dignitaries) as well as infrastructure facilities (e.g. bridges and ports).


There are no problems with electricity in Egypt. The voltage is 220V and the frequency is 50Hz. Wall sockets in most cases resemble European ones. There are also slightly smaller sockets, but then you should buy an appropriate adapter, you can buy it in a store or at a roadside dealer. Power outages are rare and usually concern small towns. Sometimes there are also voltage fluctuations in these places.

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Mariusz Zu
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Karol Chilimoniuk
Kite Safari - top!
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Marek “KocieUszko”
Cudowne wyjazdy. Polecam bardzo. ;)
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Patrycja Bindas
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Przemysław Sołtys
Przemysław Sołtys
Jakość wyjazdów kitesafari organizowanych przez Marcina zadowoli nawet najbardziej wymagających kitesurferow! Duży i luskusowy jacht cały czas szukający najlepszych wiatrowych warunków, profesjonalni trenerzy kite (Jerzy, Tytus) / joga (Daria), załoga jachtu zawsze pomocna i uśmiechnięta, sprzęt kite najlepszej klasy, pyszne jedzenie (przekąski i zimne napoje nawet na bezludnej wyspie), wspaniali ludzie oraz atmosfera 😎 Wyjazd wart każdej złotówki! Polecam 👌
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Monika Romanowska
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Wo Kosso
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Klaudia Wyzuj
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jacek kolt
Polecam bardzo, najlepsza ekipa do szkoleń 😊😊😊 progres murowany 😊😊😊
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Rafal S
Super wyjazd szkoleniowy jak i dla doświadczonych kiciarzy. Mati świetna organizacja i klimat, pozdrowienia dla Pauli Jerzego i Robsona w 10h od zera do bohatera ;)