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We are an international company with Polish roots. Our team is a cohesive group of enthusiasts from various corners of the globe who come together to provide you with unforgettable kitesurfing experiences.

Our offering knows no language boundaries – we conduct kitesurfing courses in English, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish, ensuring every participant full freedom of communication. Our clients include both kitesurfing enthusiasts and beginners from every corner of the world.


Every year, we send hundreds of satisfied customers on vacations and kitesurfing trips. We organize fully comprehensive and professional trips and training, both for individuals, groups, and companies.

We operate in several of the world’s best kite destinations every year. However, our main destinations are Brazil and Egypt, specifically Kitesafari in the Red Sea. With 20 years of experience and extensive travel around the world, there are no secrets for us, and we are even capable of taking you to places you would never reach on your own. Kitesafari is the quintessence of a kitesurfing trip organized on high-class motor yachts. Kite-safari.eu primarily offers trips on Premium-class yachts with Premium-class service. However, we also offer trips on Gold-class yachts, which are an option for more budget-conscious customers, but still with Premium-class service.

The safety and satisfaction of our customers are equally important to us, which is why our trips include basic insurance + kitesurfing insurance, accommodation, transfers. Optionally, during our trips, we also organize various kitesurfing excursions and outings to other interesting places.


We organize trips with options for both individual and group training. For those who want to take it to the next level and quickly improve their skills, we invite you to join our Pro Camps with recognized and proven instructors.

Our instructors conduct classes according to the highest IKO standards, and clients have access to the latest equipment from brands such as Duotone, Cabrinha, Ozone, Nobile, and SU-2.

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We are a highly recognizable brand in the world of kitesurfing. We value our company’s good reputation and operate within the bounds of the law. That’s why, as one of the few companies offering kitesurfing trips and training, we have TOURIST GUARANTEES, which are essential for kitesurfing trips outside of Europe.

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