Pro Camp is an intensive and advanced kitesurfing course program designed for individuals at various levels of kitesurfing experience who want to elevate their skills to an entirely new level. The program focuses on learning and perfecting a variety of tricks and water acrobatics, allowing participants to reach an advanced level of kitesurfing and impress with their abilities at kitesurfing spots worldwide.

Requirements to participate in Pro Camp: The participant  must be able to swim left-right with turns and easily do body – drags if the board is lost in the water. He must also be able to control the kite in different conditions. Participants should also have experience in using different types of kitesurfing equipment on their own.

Course Objectives:

  • Depending on the participants’ skill levels, introduce basic or advanced kitesurfing techniques and tricks.
  • Master aerial acrobatics, rotations, jumps.
  • For advanced riders, learn water tricks such as “handle passes,” “board-offs,” and many other spectacular maneuvers.
  • Enhance kite control in challenging wind conditions.
  • Understand safety aspects related to extreme tricks.

Course Program:

  • Skills Analysis: At the beginning, participants will be divided into groups based on their skill levels. Instructors will carefully assess the abilities of each individual to tailor the program to their specific needs.
  • Aerial Acrobatics: Focus on learning tricks depending on skill level: jumps, rotations, “handle passes,” as well as “kiteloops” and other impressive tricks.
  • Advanced Techniques for Experienced Riders: Focus on specialized techniques such as “unhooked riding,” “toe-side riding,” and other advanced maneuvers.
  • Kite Control Mastery: course in challenging wind conditions, such as strong winds, to help participants feel more confident and comfortable in any conditions.
  • Safety: Emphasize the importance of safety during the execution of advanced tricks. Discussion of emergency procedures and how to handle risky situations.
  • Video Analysis: Instructors record each Pro Camp participant and review their progress and mistakes in the evening. This greatly accelerates the learning process and error correction.

Instructors: Experienced kitesurfing instructors with advanced skills and knowledge participate in the course to help participants achieve their kitesurfing goals.

During Kitesafari, this course takes place over 5-6 days, with sessions lasting 2.5 to 3 hours each day.

Note: Safety is a top priority during course, and participants will be guided by instructors who are well-versed in local spots and can adapt sessions to weather conditions. This Pro Camp course is a fantastic opportunity for kitesurfers to develop their skills, discover new tricks and acrobatics, and experience the thrill of exciting maneuvers on the water. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to take their kitesurfing adventure to the next level and become true masters of kitesurfing.

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