Kitesurfing for Beginners

Kitesurfing courses for beginners is an excellent first step for those who dream of mastering the art of surfing with a kite and board. It’s a dynamic and thrilling water sport that combines elements of surfing with aspects of snowboarding and wakeboarding, offering participants incredible freedom on the water.

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Training Objectives:

  • Introduce participants to the basics of kitesurfing.
  • Teach kite handling and control.
  • Master the techniques of launching, riding, and changing direction.
  • Acquire skills for safe maneuvering on the water.
  • Learn fundamental safety principles at kitesurfing spots.


Course Program:

  • Introduction to Kitesurfing: Brief history and essence of this sport discipline. Discussion of various types of kitesurfing equipment and the application of individual elements.
  • Wind and Safety Theory: Participants will learn to understand wind, its direction, strength, and its significance in kitesurfing. Familiarization with safe kite and water environment use.
  • Kite Handling: Teaching participants how to correctly set up and pack the kite, understanding kite components, and controlling wind direction and power.
  • Beach Practice: Beach exercises to build confidence in kite handling and learn basic maneuvers.
  • Initial Water Riding: Introducing participants to the water with the kite, teaching launching and control over short distances.
  • Riding Left-Right: Learning to ride in a chosen direction, controlling speed, and performing basic maneuvers.
  • Water Safety: Discussion of safety procedures to be followed during kitesurfing. Familiarization with emergency situations and how to respond.

Requirements: Participants do not need prior kitesurfing experience but should be able to swim. Training is available for both adults and minors with written consent from parents/guardians.

Instructors: Experienced kitesurfing instructors with the necessary certifications and knowledge to conduct training for beginners.

Duration: Typical kitesurfing training for beginners ranges from 10 to 20 hours, depending on the participant’s abilities, program intensity, and weather conditions.

Note: Special training kites are used during the course, which are more stable and easier to handle for beginners, allowing participants to quickly gain confidence and skills on the water.



IKO 1 – theory, equipment introduction and preparation, kite control on the beach.

IKO 2 – kite control in the water, body drags to the board, learning board starts, riding left and right, controlled stops.

IKO 3 – further improvement of riding techniques left-right, speed control, riding upwind and returning to the same spot, turns.

IKO 4 – first tricks like small jumps or riding switch, deepening knowledge of proper kite positioning, and assisting others on the water.

During this training, participants will have the chance to discover the fascinating world of kitesurfing, feel the adrenaline, and the satisfaction of overcoming new challenges on the water. Ultimately, those who complete the course will be ready to continue their kitesurfing adventure at chosen spots around the world.

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