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Discover the Thrills of Kitesurfing in Egypt

Egypt, a gem for kitesurfing enthusiasts, is a mere 4-hour flight from Europe. This incredible destination boasts not only flat water lagoons and wave spots but also stunning terrestrial and underwater nature. Renowned for its consistent winds throughout the year, Egypt is globally recognized as a premier spot for kitesurfing beginners. Dive into this guide to uncover the optimal times to visit, accommodation options, additional activities, and much more.

Essential Insights on Kitesurfing in Egypt

Egypt’s diverse kitesurfing locations cater to every skill level, from novices to freestyle professionals and wave seekers. The Hurghada area is a hotspot for kitesurfing, but the Sinai Peninsula and the North coast also offer spectacular spots. Winds are steady year-round, with April through October being the most consistent. Summer brings warmth, negating the need for a wetsuit, while spring and fall call for a shorty, and a 3/2mm wetsuit is advisable in winter. Whether you opt for a kite cruise, a beachfront hotel stay, or a kite safari along the coast, adventure is guaranteed.

Kite Camps in Egypt: A Haven for All Levels

Egypt’s kite camps are tailored for all levels, from beginners to advanced riders. These camps offer a range of experiences, from intensive coaching and trick progression with video analysis to relaxing kite and yoga retreats, or even your first time on the board. Ideal for solo travelers, these camps foster a community of like-minded individuals, encouraging learning, motivation, and organized activities.

Experience the Magic of Kite Cruises in Egypt

Embark on a kite cruise to explore the Red Sea’s spectacular spots. Choose from a private sailing yacht or a room on a motor cruise, and discover deserted islands, kite in serene flat water lagoons, ride glassy waves, and enjoy amazing downwinders. Kite cruises in Egypt are both affordable and accessible, offering a variety of options to suit your preferences.

Egypt: A Beginner’s Paradise for Kitesurfing

Egypt’s reputation as a top beginner-friendly kitesurfing destination is well-deserved. The region features spacious, shallow, flat lagoons with warm waters and steady winds, creating ideal learning conditions. Soma Bay, El Gouda, Safaga, and Hurghada are notable for their excellent learning environments and available kite schools. Choose between private lessons for rapid progress or group sessions for a more social experience. Egypt makes learning kiteboarding easy and enjoyable.

What Sets Kitesurfing in Egypt Apart

Egypt’s unique appeal lies in its year-round wind conditions, catering to every kitesurfing style, from wave riding to flat water cruising, for all skill levels. Its proximity to Europe, just a 4-hour flight away, makes it an accessible destination for European travelers. Whether you prefer bustling towns or tranquil natural settings, Egypt has it all.

Infrastructure and Amenities in Egypt

For those seeking a social holiday with shopping, nightlife, and luxury, El Gouda is the ideal choice. Taxis are affordable and readily available. In contrast, destinations like Safaga, Wadi Lahami, and Blue Lagoon offer a more secluded experience with limited shopping and nightlife but abundant natural beauty, including excellent snorkeling, diving, and safari opportunities. Shuttle buses and taxis are the main modes of transportation, and bringing your own gear is advisable as rentals can be pricey.

Beyond Kitesurfing: Exploring Egypt’s Riches

Egypt’s allure extends beyond kitesurfing. As one of the world’s oldest civilizations, it is steeped in history. Venture inland to explore ancient pharaoh tombs and magnificent monuments. Experience the desert through ATV tours, camelback rides, sandboarding, surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding, or delve into the marine world with exceptional snorkeling and diving sites.

weather conditions


  • Tawilla
  • Ashrafi
  • Geisum - West
  • Geisum - Bay
  • Siyul Kebira
+ means rescue is available

Our yachts on kitesafari

Yacht My Tills

1 person
from: 1080 PLN

Jacht My Eclipse

  • 6* – a floating hotel with luxurious cabins
  • Excellent conditions for kitesurfing and diving
  • 2 large sun decks
  • Excellent cuisine
  • Italian design
  • 4 decks
  • Jacuzzi
  • Yoga
Price per person: 1680 Euro

Jacht Sea Story

Price per person: 1380 EUR

General FAQs about Kitesurfing in Egypt

What is the best time to go kitesurfing in Egypt?expand+

The prime time for kitesurfing in Egypt is from April to October, due to the consistent wind conditions. However, Egypt offers kitesurfing opportunities throughout the year, with varying conditions suitable for different skill levels.

Is Egypt suitable for beginner kitesurfers?expand+

Yes, Egypt is renowned for its beginner-friendly kitesurfing spots. Locations like Soma Bay, El Gouda, Safaga, and Hurghada offer shallow, flat water lagoons, ideal for learning and improving kitesurfing skills.

Should I bring my own kitesurfing equipment to Egypt?expand+

While bringing your own equipment is recommended for familiarity and comfort, most kitesurfing locations in Egypt have rental options available. However, consider the rental costs, which can vary.

What types of accommodations are available near kitesurfing spots in Egypt?expand+

Accommodation options range from beachfront hotels and resorts to more unique choices like kite safaris. There are choices to suit various preferences and budgets.

Can solo travelers join kitesurfing camps in Egypt?expand+

Absolutely. Kitesurfing camps in Egypt are a great option for solo travelers, offering an opportunity to meet other kitesurfers, learn in a group setting, and participate in organized activities.

What other activities can I enjoy in Egypt apart from kitesurfing?expand+

Egypt is rich in historical and cultural experiences. You can explore ancient monuments, enjoy desert excursions like ATV tours, or engage in other water sports like snorkeling and diving.

Is a wetsuit necessary for kitesurfing in Egypt?expand+

This depends on the season. During the summer months, a wetsuit is generally not needed. However, a shorty wetsuit is recommended in spring and fall, and a full-length wetsuit (3/2mm) is advisable for winter.

How do I choose a suitable kitesurfing spot in Egypt for my skill level?expand+

Research various spots and consider your skill level. Some areas are more suitable for beginners, offering flat, shallow waters, while others might provide challenges for intermediate or advanced kitesurfers.

What safety measures should I be aware of while kitesurfing in Egypt?expand+

Always adhere to local safety guidelines and regulations. It’s a good practice to check with local kitesurfing schools or experienced kitesurfers for the latest safety information and specific rules of the area.

What does a typical kitesurfing holiday package in Egypt include?expand+

Kitesurfing holiday packages usually include accommodation, kitesurfing lessons or equipment rental, and sometimes additional activities. The specifics can vary, so it’s important to check what each package offers before booking.

sports attractions


The salt seas have one more important advantage, namely, due to the higher salinity, it is much easier to stay afloat – and this makes perfect conditions for snorkeling. Thanks to the mask, snorkel and fins, we stay afloat and freely observe what is happening under the water.

During your stay in Kitesafari you will also be able to enjoy this attraction


In addition to perfect conditions for kiteboarding, Kitesafari on a yacht also offers us the opportunity to enjoy another water activity, which is diving. Well-preserved coral reefs make it an ideal spot for both beginner and advanced divers.


Diving (for certified divers):

Single dive: 30 Euros Equipment rental for a week: 45 Euros


Diving (for non-certified divers):

Intro (20 minutes, depth 5 to 7 meters): 40 Euros


After an active day on the water, you can take advantage of another attraction offered by the yacht crew during KITESAFARI, which is a massage:

Massage Prices:

  • 30-minute body massage: 25 Euros
  • 60-minute body massage: 35 Euros
  • 50-minute foot massage: 30 Euros
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Mariusz Zu
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Przemysław Sołtys
Jakość wyjazdów kitesafari organizowanych przez Marcina zadowoli nawet najbardziej wymagających kitesurferow! Duży i luskusowy jacht cały czas szukający najlepszych wiatrowych warunków, profesjonalni trenerzy kite (Jerzy, Tytus) / joga (Daria), załoga jachtu zawsze pomocna i uśmiechnięta, sprzęt kite najlepszej klasy, pyszne jedzenie (przekąski i zimne napoje nawet na bezludnej wyspie), wspaniali ludzie oraz atmosfera 😎 Wyjazd wart każdej złotówki! Polecam 👌
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Monika Romanowska
Byłam w Soma Bay. Polecam
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