Description: Kitesurfing course for beginners after completing the basic course is an excellent continuation of learning for individuals with some prior experience on the water. The program focuses on further improving skills and becoming more confident on the board, allowing participants to move to the next level in this exciting sport.

Course Objectives:

  • Further develop board riding skills and kite control.
  • Master riding techniques in various wind conditions.
  • Learn the basics of jumps and water acrobatics.
  • Introduction to independent kite launch and landing.
  • Understand fundamental freestyle maneuvers.

Course Program:

  • Skills Analysis: Instructors will assess the skill level of each participant to tailor the course program to individual needs.
  • Riding in Different Wind Directions: Learning to ride in various wind directions, enabling participants to gain confidence in handling different wind conditions.
  • Independent Launch and Landing: Learning the safe launch from the water and returning to the shore with the kite.
  • Jumps and Water Acrobatics: Introduction to board jumps, jumps, spins, and other basic tricks.
  • Freestyle Basics: Introduction to fundamental freestyle maneuvers such as “ollie,” “backroll,” or “frontroll.”
  • Safety: Emphasizing the importance of safety while practicing kitesurfing at an advanced level.

Requirements: This course is intended for participants who have completed the basic kitesurfing course or have experience in board riding with a kite. Participants should be capable of independent board riding and continuing in windy conditions.

Instructors: Experienced kitesurfing instructors with advanced skills and knowledge to assist participants in reaching the next level of expertise.

Duration: Advanced-level course typically ranges from 10 to 15 hours, depending on individual needs and participant proficiency.

Note: Instructors conduct the course tailored to participants’ needs, providing them with the opportunity to improve skills in comfortable and safe conditions. Optimizing the program to suit participants’ preferences allows them to maximize their learning at this advanced level.

This course offers a fantastic opportunity for beginners with prior experience to further develop their kitesurfing skills, refine riding techniques, and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of kitesurfing. Participants will have the chance to learn new tricks and jumps, becoming more independent and confident kitesurfers.

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