Kitesurfing Courses, Equipment Rental Pricing and Conditions

During our courses sessions, you have the opportunity to learn on the latest and most globally recognized brands of kitesurfing equipment, including DUOTONE, OZONE, CABRINHA, as well as NOBILE and SU-2 boards.

KITESURFING COURSES (Equipment Included)

Price List for Services:

  • Group course package 10 h/350 EUR per person (in a group of 2 people).
  • Individual course 50 EUR/1h per hour,

The Price Includes:

  • Instructor: course under the supervision of a certified IKO instructor.
  • Kitesurfing equipment.
  • Accessories.

Equipment Rental:

  • Complete set: Kite + board + harness – 325 EUR(1 week)
  • Board only – 110 EUR (1 week).


  • Rental prices may vary depending on the trip.
  • For some trips, we collaborate with local kite schools, and in such cases, the rental prices and terms of use of the school’s equipment apply.
  • Always check with Kitewyjazdy.pl for the equipment rental conditions on the specific trip.


  • The customer rents the equipment, assuming full responsibility for it.
  • The equipment is not insured against damage caused by the user (there is no possibility to insure rented equipment against damage caused by the user).
  • If a customer is a participant in a trip organized by Kitewyjazdy.pl and rents equipment from Kitewyjazdy.pl, they are covered by liability insurance as well as equipment liability insurance. If another trip participant damages the equipment rented by the customer, the customer can claim the reimbursement of the incurred costs based on the insurance policy of the person who damaged the equipment. However, Kitewyjazdy.pl is not involved in this process. All events take place between the user, the person who caused the damage, and the insurance company.
  • In case of equipment damage, the customer covers the repair costs plus the depreciation cost of the equipment.
  • In case of significant equipment damage, the customer covers 70% of the equipment’s catalog price, and the equipment becomes their property.
  • Regarding equipment below the 2018 model year or equipment with visible signs of significant wear and tear, the parties establish the equipment’s value before rental.
  • Kitewyjazdy.pl commits to providing the customer with 2 kite sizes along with the bar (or bars in the case of different brands) plus the board.


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