Kitesurfing Training Courses:


Individual and Group Sessions for Every Skill Level:

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced kitesurfer looking to refine your skills, our experts tailor the training to your needs. Our individual and group sessions ensure that everyone, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts, can fully embrace their kitesurfing adventure.

Pro Camp for Advanced :

For those looking to take their kitesurfing skills to the next level, our Pro Camp offers intensive and advanced training. Additionally, daily video analysis is included in this program. Our instructor records each Pro Camp participant and reviews their progress and mistakes in the evenings. This significantly enhances the speed of learning new tricks and correcting mistakes.

Improve your technique and take on new challenges under the guidance of our experienced instructors!





During Kitesafari, participants have three different diving options:

  • Introductory Diving – Included – 20 minutes with an instructor, down to 8 meters underwater (no certifications required).
  • PADI Open Water Course or courses from other diving organizations.
  • Diving for certified divers.

Who can become a kitesurferexpand+

Anyone can become a kitesurfer!!! especially you.

Never experienced any board, wind or water sports? Don’t be afraid Kitesurfing is a sport that can be practiced without prior training, kite connects people of all ages and fitness levels. After just a few hours with the Instrucoterm, you can stand on the board and feel the first wind in your hair.

Remember that your safety is the most important thing, start wisely, safely and in good company and we guarantee that the kite adventure will come sooner than you think and will stay for many years to come.

Is kitesurfing easy?expand+

Yes, if… you start with an experienced instructor, you train on good and proven equipment, you know the theoretical basics (remember that if you take a long time to imagine what will happen to your body or the equipment you use, you are already one step ahead), you are aware that Your safety is the most important, you do it with pleasure and in friendly conditions.

If all these criteria are met, kitesurfing will surely be an easy and pleasant sport for you.

Safety on the waterexpand+

Remember that in order to have the pleasure of swimming, it is worth taking care of your own safety.

During the lessons, experienced instructors will ensure that all possible safety measures are observed and will teach you how to deal with dangerous situations. However, when you become a kitesurfer or a kitesurfer sailing alone, remember:

  • Swim with checked equipment and make sure that it is in impeccable condition before you go out on the water;
  • Swim in the right conditions for your skills;
  • Choose spots with available RESCUE if your skills are still not enough to swim on your own;
  • Always try to have someone around you in the spot who can help you;
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