During our trips, including Kitesafari, you are not obliged to participate in course if you don’t want to. You can just surf by yourself and enjoy every minute on the water.

During Kitesafari, you also don’t need to pay extra for rescue services. If you ever need assistance on the water, one of our two zodiacs (inflatable boats with engines) will approach you and provide help.

However, if you decide you’d like to take a few hours of kitesurfing course during Kitesafari, you can always purchase some hours according to the current price list with one of our experienced instructors. This way, you can learn a new trick or improve your skills.

Kitesafari in the Red Sea is the perfect place to hone and enhance your skills. The flat, shallow, and warm waters are conducive to rapid progress.

You can also pre-book a Pro Camp, which is a more cost-effective form of advanced course, where you can improve your kitesurfing skills in a group.

Course Objectives:

  • Learning tricks, both basic and advanced.

Requirements: This course is intended for individuals who are comfortable with surfing. You can bring your own equipment, and we will assist in setting it up correctly. Additionally, you will receive a discount on course fees if you use your own equipment.

Alternatively, you can use our equipment.

Instructors: The course is conducted by experienced kitesurfing instructors who hold the necessary certifications and skills to teach in a safe and effective manner.

Duration: The duration of kitesurfing course for individuals with prior surfing skills depends solely on the individual needs of the participants.

This course is an excellent opportunity for those who already know how to surf and want to expand their sports horizons with kitesurfing. Thanks to professional instructors and tailored exercises, participants will be able to enjoy the pleasure of surfing on board using the power of the wind and experience the excitement that kitesurfing provides.

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